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Fuse Board Replacement… flicking lights…..

imageOkay so I recently got a a call from client Who stayed in a  three bedroom house in Roslin, Midlothian. The client was experiencing “flicking lights” there was also a light fitting that was not working in the living room. So I happily went up to the property and I found that the light fitting was damaged, due to a lose connection at the light fitting. I believe this may have caused the light fitting to burn out in the first place. So the client Went and got a new light and I replace that to solve this issue. When I was doing my minor works certificate, you have to check the earthing arrangement. The Earthing of the electrical system is the most important part within the installation. If there is no earth or the earth is not great you have just increased the risk of fire in within your property.  The earthing system was a TN-C-S the main water was earthed correctly but there was no earth cable to the main gas within 300mm when the gas pipe enters the property. It was recorded and client asked me to carry out the work to resolve this issue. The photograph above is how I found the two fuse boards. Two 25mm double insulated cables going into Scottish powers meter !!! I don’t think this was a job undertaken by Scottish power however. If you look closely at the photo you can see that the cable is taped up at the point of entry at the meter. When I removed the tape it exposed the copper of the cable that had also been cut down so the two cables would fit into the same connection.  When I gave the cables a small pull to make sure they were tight I pulled the cable right out the meter. Not tight at all !!! I believe this is what was causing the “flickering lights”. There was Multiple holes without grommets(rubber inserts to prevent damage to the cable) Not good workmanship, hopefully not a electrician either !!! There is however a lot of electrical work carried out in Edinburgh and Midlothian that is not done correctly and you, or they are putting themselves and others at risk. Just because it works dose not mean it’s safe !! Below is the fuse board complete…….


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